Is society being subverted through persons of stealth spreading false reincarnation claims and making inaccurate past life matches?
Is hypnotism and deep trance channeling a gateway to demonic propaganda from the lower Astral Planes? Why are these persons of stealth associated with the royal bloodlines in past lives, why are they now associated with New Age leaders and New World Order proponents?
Will all our personal rights and freedoms be finally extinguished and will we be forced to bow down before a corrupt hierarchy of demonic Ascended Masters and an inept and blind hierarchy of psychics preaching perversions of truth?

Reading the Akashic Records with accuracy requires extensive training.
If people making past life claims cannot demonstrate universal knowledge of the Akashic Records
and cannot teach the appropriate techniques to others, so others can verify and create their own past life matches independently and are unable to do past life readings for anyone on demand, then they are not qualified to make or endorse past life matches.


Why do so many people claim to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe?
In 1973 Anton LaVey wrote in an article that Monroe would become the Satanic “Madonna” of the 21st century. To a great extent this has already occurred. Since the time of her death, she has been constructed into a sex goddess and deified.

LaVey taught Monroe the ins and outs of Satanism and in her resulting pact with Satan traded her soul in return for a “flowering” Hollywood career. Yet the world was fascinated with this Hollywood starlet.
LaVey stated that the aim of the Church of Satan is to subvert society through persons of stealth: “The idea is to free people’s minds and send them out among others…who are working advanced Black Magic and influencing the outside world.” This was successfully accomplished via Monroe.
From an extract from Marilyn Monroe by Jason Kovar.

The End

Past Life Readings by Brianstalin


Most of the biographical data relating to famous living, dead or reincarnated persons was either copied directly from articles found at Wikipedia or slightly modified. It therefore remains free under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Past life readings were supplied by trained expert Brianstalin who has studied with various gifted healers and teachers including the Dalai Lama.

Brianstalin reminds us that although the Akashic Records remains the ultimate source of all knowledge, we must access this source directly in order to determine the truth of what he or anybody is telling us.