According to an interview of Japanese newspaper dated on 2007 Dec 23, Mr. Uchida, Canon president commented the DSLR strategy of next year.He said “Canon will be launching strong new products. The succeeding model of middle class DSLR EOS 5D raises the durability. The sensor pixel will be renewed. The product will be enhanced while keeping price.”

Maybe that means that 2 DSLRs ($3500 and $2500) will be released next year. He added the later one is 5D successor. New model released in Jan might be 3D.

One of the key points in this interview is that he pointed out specific DSLR “EOS 5D”.

It seems that “renewing pixels” means 16 megapixels and “keeping price” means the initial price of 5D at the time when it was released.

According to ‘Hisashi Owada’ in an interview (translated from Japanese to Chinese to English, so it could really say almost anything 😉

“We will launch a strong product. Intermediate camera ‘EOS 5D’ there will be increased durability and the subsequent pixel models listed. At the same price, we will launch better products. ”

Will we get an 5D related announcement on the 24th of January? In an interview (in Swedish), Robert Westin (VP Canon Sweden) says ‘… Canon has had a mediocre year because of a change in their business systems’. He also mentions that the next new Canon product will be announced on January 24. 2008, a week before PMA.’

It also says that Canon will “release more photography-related products during 2008 than was released during 2007” … a bumper crop of P&S cameras then, or perhaps the split in the 5D line? –Surely not the 3D! 😉

With the current price cuts for the 400D and 5D, along with the ending of the rebate scheme, a lot of people will be looking to see what’s announced that Thursday