72353.JPGThere are more than 41,000 original items for sale on this site, from current-release theatrical movie posters to lobby cards from the silent era—and just about everything in between. You can search our database for pressbooks, press kits, window cards, inserts, three, six and twenty-four sheets, books on cinema, studio promotional items, and many other examples of movie ephemera. All of it is original, and a lot of it is illustrated and/or described and conditioned. You can search by Title, Star, Director, Genre, even keywords in the image description. You can also browse the site in two ways: see a random selection of all items or a random selection of only those items with images. Also see our most recent additions here or other features on our Site Map. Consult our Poster Size Info page for definitions of the arcane jargon used by movie paper collectors.
The Nostalgia Factory was started 35 years ago by Rudy and Barbara Franchi. The collection includes the oldest movie poster website on the Internet. Rudy and Barbara are the official suppliers of poster images to the IMDb, have organized cataloged vintage movie poster auctions at Skinner Boston and Christie’s New York, and are appraisers and generalists on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow. On November 16th, 2005, the assets of The Nostalgia Factory were purchased by Newbury Comics, Inc. Newbury Comics is a Boston-based independently owned retailer specializing in music, movies, and pop culture items. The company was created in 1978 by M.I.T. roommates Mike Dreese and John Brusger. Still owned and operated by its original founders, Newbury Comics is run with a consistent guiding force that has always championed new ideas, experimentation, and alternative vision. The company operates throughout New England with 26 store locations and online at www.newburycomics.com.