An Antarctic Photographic Expedition
With Michael Reichmann

In early December, 2005, I will be leading a photographic expedition to Antarctica. This trip will last for 12 days, departing from Ushuaia, Argentina at the tip of South America bound for the Antarctic Peninsula.

We will cross the turbulent Drake Passage and then spend a week in the calm waters of an Antarctic spring, going ashore in Zodiacs two to three times each day to photograph the unique landscape and wildlife found at the bottom of the world. Our voyage is operated by Quark Expeditions, one of the most experienced operators of adventure tours in the Antarctic. Quark’s ship is a converted Russian research vessel designed for Antarctic conditions and specially fitted-out for this type of expedition. Quark will dedicate this ship to our expedition, and all 47 passengers will be members of our workshop / expedition. Our itinerary will be designed to maximize photographic opportunities.

In addition to the adventure of this trip and the opportunity to do photography in a very special environment, this trip will offer a unique learning experience. In addition to internationally renowned photographer, educator and author Michael Reichmann, five other world-class photographers and digital imaging experts will be onboard to act as your guides, consultants and teachers.

The five of us will be providing Photoshop, digital imaging and ink-jet printing seminars on a regular basis throughout the trip. We will also be shooting alongside workshop members every day as well as being available for one-on-one instructional sessions throughout the trip.

The photographic as well as educational opportunities on this trip are unlike anything ever offered before.

This page contains all of the photographs published on this site thus-far derived from my Antarctic Expedition / Workshop in December, 2005. These photographs have appeared on other pages on this site, including Antarctica 2005, and are reproduced here as a means of aggregating them in one place, and also offering an opportunity for me to add some comments, where appropriate.