Game Instructions

Fastr is a game that uses flickr images. It loads ten images that all share a common tag, one by one, and you guess what the tag is. When you guess right, the tag will turn blue. Then you can watch the pictures until the next set begins. The faster you guess, the more points you get. The points are reset every five minutes. Don’t forget to enter a player name.

The correct answer doubles as a link to the flickr page with all the photos.

Known issues

  • The photos don’t link to their flickr pages. This is intentional to prevent people from just clicking on the first photo and typing all the tags. If you want to see the photos, use the answer link.
  • It’s possible to cheat. I knew this when I started, but the only way to fix it will slow down the game for everyone. I may or may not fix it depending on how much of a problem this becomes.
  • It’s just like guess-the-Google. Yep, very similar.
  • I want to make my name a link. This will be allowed just as soon as I can make it work while preventing JavaScript injection.
  • I want chat. I’m not currently inclined to do this, as I think chat could easily make the game less fun. If I ever do add chat, it will be after all the game improvements.
  • It keeps loading the same set of images for me. It shouldn’t do that. I’m looking into it.
  • I’ve memorized all the tags. I’m slowly adding more.
  • The images are too small. I’m afraid larger images will slow it down too much, so this isn’t likely to change soon.
  • I typed the correct word, and it didn’t turn blue. You might be typing faster than your browser can read. I know it’s annoying, but I’m not sure I can really fix it.

here is the GAME