From Yahoo Finance by Suze Orman:

If I asked you whether you lied about your finances, you would say no. But maybe you’re not being completely honest? Let’s see how you do with this quick quiz:
Do you:

  • Lease a car (not for business) simply so you can trade it in every three years for a new car?
  • Have an option ARM or 1-yr ARM?
  • Pass up participating in your company 401(k) even though it comes with a company matching contribution?
  • Ever miss paying the minimum amount due on your credit card on time?
  • Carry a credit-card balance because you can’t pay off all your shopping, dining and entertainment costs each month?
  • Have a credit score that’s below 720?
  • Have a $3,000 plasma TV, but you haven’t funded a Roth IRA?

If you’ve done any of the above but answered no, then you aren’t being honest about what you need to do to build a financially secure life. In many cases your motivation is to keep up with your friends and neighbors.

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